The NetSciReg’17 symposium will explore recent advances in understanding the interplay between regulatory network structure, epigenetics and cellular function. It will approach the topic from four distinct angles, topics on which abstract submissions are welcome:

  1. Regulatory network structure, regulatory dynamics on small to large scales  
    Theme: How much can we learn about the dynamics of a regulatory network from its wiring structure?
  2. Design principles of small regulatory circuits
    Theme: Are there general design requirements for building regulatory circuits with distinct biological functions?
  3. Regulatory network evolution and dynamics
    Theme: How do we approach the modeling challenge inherent in capturing the dynamics of large regulatory networks? How did evolution shape the function and dynamics of cellular networks?

The one-day workshop will feature invited speakers as well as contributed talks. For the first time this year, we are including a 1-hour poster board session geared primarily at undergraduate student research. Finally, we will conclude with a panel discussion:

  • Poster Board Session
  • Panel discussion – The future of systems biology in undergraduate education.
    Theme: What do we (speakers, audience, invited panelists) think is missing from the conceptual or technical repertoire of our students as the engage in systems biology research?

Invited Speakers
TBA (please see the preliminary list of invited speakers on the Program page; we will update this page as speakers confirm their attendance)

Call for Abstracts
The workshop will host several contributed talks (15 minutes including questions). Swift application for contributed talks is welcome (latest date for consideration is April 20). Please email your abstract to Melinda Varga.

Call for Posters
The workshop will host a poster session. We especially encourage graduate and undergraduate students to showcase their research. Please email your poster title to Melinda Varga by April 20.


  • Mix ideas that originate from top-down focus on regulatory networks with insight from smaller-scale modeling, tightly coupled to experimental biology.
  • Spark new questions, seed the development of new approaches, and advance our understanding of regulatory network biology on multiple levels of organization.

Registration: Please follow instructions for registering at the main NetSci2015 conference site at  NetSci2017 Registration page. The NetSciReg’15 workshop can be attended separately from the main NetSci conference with a 1-day registration. In addition, please send me a quick e-mail notifying me that your plan to attend, so we all have enough coffee at break time.